What is Online Affiliate Marketing?

What is Online Affiliate Marketing

What is Online Affiliate Marketing

Introducing Affiliate Marketing

We can say Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer.

Affiliate Marketing commonly uses third parties to drive sales to the retailer. Affiliate Marketing relies purely on financial motivations to drive sales.

My Online Affiliate Marketing Definition: Affiliate Marketing is an effective money making method for Affiliate/Publisher who works marketing/promoting for Merchant (retailer or brand/Advertisers through Affiliate Network. Affiliate promote various kinds of Merchant’s products for selling purpose. When a product sell from Affiliate’s/Publisher promotion, then affiliates get a revenue percentage from Merchant through Affiliate Network. Getting revenue percentage depends on the kinds of offer/programs is used by the Affiliate.

On the other side, Affiliate Marketing is an effective way to sell Merchant’s/Advertisers’ products using Affiliates or Affiliate Marketers experience through the Affiliate network where Affiliate Network gets a revenue percentage like Affiliates. Mostly it’s a Product selling Method for a retailer and earning method for Affiliates and Affiliate Networks.

Affiliate Marketing process happens through online and why I called  it Online Affiliate Marketing. Online Affiliate Marketing isn’t like Google Adsense Program. If anyone refer a worth of $100 sell to an advertiser on Google Adsense Program referrer will earn only $1 or maybe 2$ but if we compare with Affiliate marketing with 30% commission product selling offer then referrer will earn $30. This a huge incoming opportunity for an Affiliate.

Important Elements of Affiliate Marketing

If you want to be an Affiliate or wanted to be a Merchant then you should know all Important Elements of Affiliate Marketing and their role. This Element is also the main Pillars where Affiliate Marketing is standing.

1. Merchant or Advertiser (Brand and Retailer) : Merchant’s are resource those who wants to sell their products by using third parties. Merchant’s are known as Advertisers also. There are 2 parts inside merchant Brand and Retailer. The first one who has a huge reputation and self-dependency is known as Brand. Sometimes they can be producers also. Second, those who buy a huge quantity of product from producers and retail them are known as a retailer, sometimes producers can be retailer also.

2. Affiliate Network : Affiliate Network is an online hub where Merchant and Affiliate connects. They are the third party between Advertiser and Publisher. Affiliate Network keeps many Advertiser’s product promotions offers like a library and Publisher’s select their product promotion offers from there. Every Affiliate Network is different from their pool of Advertisers, sell tracking technology, reporting, different types of selling niches and niches tracker, different types of selling Geo-location and tracker also payment method system etc. Affiliate Network monitor Publisher’s all promotion process. Affiliate Network care’s about affiliate’s payment.

3. Affiliate or Affiliate Marketers (Publisher) : Affiliate or Affiliate Marketers are known as the Publisher. Publisher are those people who promote the Advertiser’s product offer by using various kinds of online platform like web ads, classified ads, email marketing, etc. Simply they works for Advertiser through the Affiliate Network to earn, on the other side they are helper for the Advertiser in selling. Publisher get identity by creating account’s on Affiliate Network then they start working flowing choosing right offers→selecting promotion platform→starting promotion→Sell. They are able to get their payments after a correctly sell. When they reach a Particular amount of money they got their payments in hand.

4. Affiliate Programs:  Affiliate Programs are types of result what is wanted by advertisers. Affiliate Network set their own Affiliate Program Models and advertiser select from them. Different Network carries different Affiliate Program Model Offers like CPA, CPL or PPL, PPS or CPS, CPC or PPC etc.

  • Cost Par Action (CPA):  The advertiser will pay or Publisher will get paid for a specific action like Download, Survey, Form Submission In CPA Model.
  • Cost Par Lead (CPL): CPL Program Model is usually a SignUp and data collecting process from Signup form submission, product free trial, short survey that involves email collection, Address collection, lifestyle data collection, credit card number collection etc. This are qualified and valuable action for the Advertiser.
  • Cost Par Sell (CPS): CPS Program Model runs on product selling. The advertiser pays a percentage of all qualified sales to the Publisher.
  • Cost Par Click (CPC): The advertiser will pay to Publishers for every valid click generation, no matter whether Publisher’s referred traffic helped them to generate a lead/sale or not.

The beauty of Affiliate Marketing is Advertiser doesn’t need to go for customers and Publisher doesn’t need to make a product to sell. It’s an amazing process where is win & win & win & win situation is:

  1. Advertiser’s happy to sell their products.
  2. Customer gets their suitable products from home and they are happy.
  3. Publisher’s happy to earn money.
  4. Affiliate Network’s are happy also to earn something.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance making method for selling, earning, getting.

Thanks for reading and being with me. If you have any opinion about “What is Online Affiliate Marketing?” just make a comment below.

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