A Brief Personal Neobux Review

Neobux is a successful paid to click incentive site paying over 10 years. It is the largest paid to click service that connects advertisers with potential clients all over the internet. At neobux you make money just by clicking advertisements and completing simple tasks online. The amount of money you can make per each click depends on the type of membership you have and the type of exposed advertisement. Standard(free) members earn $0.001 to $0.01 per click and golden (upgraded) members earn $0.001 to $0.02 per click. At neobux you can refer as many members as you can but you can start referring people only after 15 days of joining neobux and clicking at least 100 PTC Ads. The amount of direct referrals you can have at neobux depends on your membership type and the number of days you have been registered.

Members earn 12-20% of amount their referrals earn by completing offers and mini jobs. You also earn between $0.0005 and $0.01 from your referrals PTC clicks. You need to click at least 4 PTC Ads as standard member and 10 PTC Ads as golden member in order to earn from your referrals PTC clicks. You also earn 1% commission from your direct referrals whenever they make any purchase at neobux.

The minimum amount to cash out your earnings is $2.00. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cash out until it reaches a fixed minimum payout of $10.00. All payments are instant and processed via Paypal, Payza and Neteller.

Neobux is really a highly established legit and one of the best PTC sites in the world. Operating since 2008, millions paid instantly to members already and thousands of new members join everyday and is still the world’s largest and highest ranked paid to click advertising website. To know more details, click on the banner below.

Simple Strategy Guide on Renting Referrals at Neobux

Any one can use this feature of renting referrals at neobux. This is just my personal strategy and what i consider the best for you to go from some cents a day to a minimum $30 a day at absolutely no cost.

Step one

Keep clicking ads daily and do mini jobs until your account balance reaches a minimum of $0.6. When you reach $0.6, transfer it to your rental balance by clicking the rental balance link (+) as shown below and you’ll find options on how to add funds to it.

Step two

Now with $0.6 in your rental balance, you are going to rent your first 3 referrals (the rental price of 1 referral is $0.2 for 30 days). On top of your clicks chart, you’ll see a ‘referrals’ button, click on it. There you will be presented with all the available packs to rent. Choose 3 referrals pack and click confirm. Now you have rented your first three referrals. Now go to your account summary by clicking on your username at the top of page and click on rented referrals link and turn on auto pay. What is auto pay system? It is a system that automatically pays for your rented referrals. Each time  a referral clicks an Ad, the system will automatically pay for you to be able to keep that rented referral for an extra day. You should use this auto pay because it not only is easy but you save 15% of your normal monthly rental cost. The cost of each rented referral per day will be deducted from your rental balance. If you have insufficient balance in your rental balance, the same amount will be deducted from your main balance.

Step three

Watch your rented referrals daily activity. If some or all of your referrals are not clicking ads for more than 4 days or more, then it is strongly recommended to get a new referral by recycling it. The cost for recycling a referral is $0.07 for standard members and $0.06 for upgraded members. If one or more of your rented referrals do not click any ads for 14 days and more, Neobux will automatically recycle them with a new one. Assuming your rented referrals stay active daily, the following is how you should earn:
  • your rented referrals average ad clicks per day = 15;
  • your earning from rented referrals per day ($0.005×15) = $0.07;
  • earning from your clicks = $0.03;
  • your average earning per day = $0.10.
Within few days you will be able to earn another 3 more referrals and you should be earning $0.20 per day. In the following week you should have fund to rent at least 5 more referrals (now you have 11 rented referrals) and earning near $0.30 per day. The week after you should have enough fund to rent 10 more referrals (now you have 21 rented referrals) be earning near $0.50. At the end of 4th week from when you rented your first 3 referrals, you should have enough fund to rent more referrals.

Step four

Continue the above process until you have at least 300 rented referrals in your account. Yes, it may take time but remember you are building a passive online income with just a few minutes of your spare time each day. Now at this time stop renting referrals and just maintain your referrals and keep clicking ads daily.

Step five

Your next goal is to upgrade your account to golden membership. When you have accumulated $90 in your account balance, go to your account summary page and click on the upgrade button and follow the necessary instruction. Now choose your account balance option and purchase your golden membership. Once you are become a golden member, your referral earnings will double. You will get $0.01 per referral click instead of $0.005, also you will get $0.01 per personal Ad click instead just $0.001.
Now, let us calculate your potential income basing on the above:
  • your referrals clicking 5 Ads each per day ($0.01x5x300) = $15.00;
  • you click 10 ads daily = $0.100;
  • your total daily earnings = $15;
  • your weekly earnings = $105.
At this point, it may be tempting to cash your money out. I don’t recommend cashing out until you have at least 2000 referrals. Until which you should save up money and use it to purchase more and more referrals. This will not take terribly long since you should be earning enough money to purchase larger referral packs. Once you have 2000 referrals in your account, stop purchasing referrals and just manage the ones you already have. At this point you should be earning well over $50 per day. That’s it, enjoy your earnings.


When you go golden, you need to click a minimum of 9 ads in order to earn unlimited clicks (commission) from your referrals the next day. You should check out some of the available golden packs to reap more benefits from being golden.

In 2012, I graduated from the university with a degree in Computer Science. In the same year, I started working as an Internet marketer in a private company, where I still work today. At the same time, I am developing my Internet resources, programming at an amateur level, looking for and testing various ways to make money on the Internet, which I share on this Internet resource.

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