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News of Curing Physical and Mental Conditions With Electromagnetic Fields

The force of an electromagnetic field is viewed in many different ways. You will see static magnetic fields in action during the operations of medical equipment like MRI or magnetic resonance imaging and X-rays.

We may know that radiation sources would come from sun to earth through ultra violet rays, or some radioactive elements found under the earth, and even from our gadgets and appliances like mobile phones, microwaves, refrigerators and other electronic devices that project their own electromagnetic waves. But the most intriguing is the use of electromagnetic fields for treating and healing our body.

Statistics revealed that one fourth of American women and one tenth of American men, which would total to around 37 million people, have concerns in depression. For today’s modern age and number of afflicted people, FDA is said to approve the use of electromagnetic fields to help treat this condition. Through this electromagnetic field, there is an excitement brought about by the strong electromagnetic field to the left frontal lobe in the brain that happens during trans-magnetic stimulation. There is a further energizing of the brain cells that triggers neurotransmitters or the chemicals in the brain to perform several things. Although researches are still to be conducted more, electromagnetic treatment is getting a good reception because it the procedure is fast, does not have side effects, and has proven to work on patients when others failed.

It is observed that there has been positive responses of MS patients who are treated to electromagnetic field as shown by several studiens. Results found patients to have better ambulation and equilibrium after being subjected to 20-30 minute duplicate treatments in low frequency of electromagnetic fields with a combination of 15 minute breaks. There was an exhibition of MS patients to walk after being triggered with this external stimulus. It also further showed in researches that the excessive tiredness of the patient has lowered after being treated with electromagnetic fields for ten days.

Among the fascinating features of magnets and electromagnetic field is that once the magnets are inside the body, they can be traced and detected. In curing cancer, researchers are now using magnets and nanotechnology as means to solve this health concern. Although it is still a long way for this field, a lot of promises for future researches are done in electromagnetic and the cure of cancer.

Note that there is nothing to be concern about our exposure to the electromagnetic fields of our gadgets and appliances today, like refrigerators, television, laptops, cell phones, and others, since the World Health Organization has found no link between radiation and cancer magnetic fields that would cause a concern.

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